Did you know that scientists have a process they follow when they do their jobs? It’s called the Scientific Method. Scientists don’t just sit down, come up with an idea, and then run out and share it with everyone.

Your assignment is to learn about how scientists do their work. You can find a checklist/ rubric that will help you identify key components of the project at the bottom of both assignments. Use this criteria to help you along the way of completing your assignments. Use your notes and your checklist to help you succeed in this project. Ready? Let's Go!

Assignment, Research the Scientific Method
Write a one or two-page paper on the Scientific Method.

Your paper must:
  • Answer: “What is the Scientific Method?”
  • List steps in the Scientific Method
  • Look at different websites. Identify any differences you may find.
  • Explain how scientists use the Scientific Method.
  • Explain how you use the Scientific Method outside the classroom.

Look at the following websites to help you find the information you need to write your paper.
Biology4Kids Reasoning in Science
NASA SCIFiles – The Scientific Method
Science Fair Central – The Scientific Method
Experimental Science Projects: An Intermediate Level Guide
IPL Kids Space – The Scientific Method
The Scientific Method
Logic and the Scientific Method
Steps of the Scientific Method

Assignment, Answer the Question

Select a question. Explain how you would use the Scientific Method to answer the question. Describe an experiment you could do to answer the question.

  • How does water move through a plant?
  • Which soap kills the most germs?
  • Can a potato generate electricity?
  • Can I hit a baseball better with a wooden bat or an aluminum bat?
  • Do vegetables grown using pesticides differ in flavor from those grown organically?
  • How much trash does the average household in my community create per week? How does this compare with the national average?
  • Does presoaking seeds affect the germination and growth of plants?
  • Can I blow square bubbles?
  • How does acid rain affect plants?

Your paper must have the following information:
  • Title of the experiment
  • Identify the question you are answering.
  • Explain how you would use all of the steps of the Scientific Method to answer the question.


Combine both parts of the project into ONE document. Upload your completed written work onto this wiki on the appropriate page. Remember that when you are uploading to be aware of where your work will end up! Please do not erase other projects and upload your assignment neatly!!!

Practice reading your project so you will be prepared when you present your ideas to the class!


Newton's Cradle
Newton's Cradle
You will be using the Scientific Method, in some form, all through your life. It is important you understand how it works. Have fun working on this project!